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Mission: Sexy Body Back

6 Jul

I started working out today–the first time in months!  No seriously, I don’t even remember my login code to the Y it’s been that long.  This go round, I’m just kinda winging it.  No specific diet or cardio plan, just know I need to lose 35 pounds by the end of the year.  So as a baptism by fire one of my buddies and I did the 1,000 stadium stairs at WSU.  Let me just say my workout buddy this morning has already lost 30 pounds!!  Talk about on it!!  Keep up the good work KW!

So right now, I’m high on endorphins and feel really motivated.  Shit, I worked out, tweeted a bit, wrote a blog post and thought about cooking breakfast.  I’m trying to get it all in before I come crashing down.  But I know myself, and I know the laziness will creep up on me.  Tomorrow, the rigor mortis will set in my legs.  I will need a wheel chair to help me get around the house.  I will definitely not be picking up, bending over down or doing any other strenuous activity when not in workout mode.

So follow me on my journey to getting my sexy back.  Drop me a line of inspiration and encouragement because this will not be an easy feat.  And to my buddies who are committed with me–I know we can do it.  Long gone will be the days of diurex, laxatives, girdles and spanx.  I have semi confidence in us! Cheers to Happy Working Out!!

Rule of Life #820 Getting to a size healthy has many positive outcomes, one being you’ll be able to see your goodies without any tugging or pulling.

One Contact and One Hell of a Week

19 Jun

I’ve suffered from headaches all week.  I waited until I was down to one contact–not one pair but one contact–before ordering a new supply.  When I finally decided to order I was advised by my eye doctor’s office that I needed an eye exam first.  So I convinced myself I had no time for doctors appointments and I came up with the genius idea to wear one contact until the weekend when I had time to go without the kids.  Bad f*cking idea.  And of course I couldn’t find my glasses to hold me over and so this started my blur of a week.  Monday started off with a tolerable but slight headache.  Nothing a few motrin and cup of coffee couldn’t handle.  By mid-week I was in the crappiest of moods.  I was snappy, bitchy and delusional.  While attempting to watch TV, I mistook Eddie Murphy for Reggie Bush and during naptime I thought I changed it to the music and more channel but realized 30 minutes later it was actually soft core porn.  What the hell have I done?  I know my sweetness will be talking about this in counseling next week.

Finally the weekend is here and I’m up early to make an appointment at Lens Crafters (not my regular eye doctor).

ME: “I’d like to get in there ASAP for an eye exam, to order contacts and I will be needing a sample pair.  Um, did say ASAP?”

LC: “Yes you did.  I have 12:30 or 4:30.”

ME: “I’ll take 12:30.”

LC: “Can I have your insurance info?”

ME: “Sure, it’s blah blah blah and my ID number is…”

LC: “Sorry to interrupt but because your insurance is closed on the weekends there’s no way we can verify your benefits.  You will be required to pay the cost out of pocket.”

I proceed to go into some tirade about how the health care system is failing me and somehow I know the BP Oil spill has something to do with this.  (Did I mention I’ve been delusional?)

ME: “I’ll see you at 12:30”

I apologized to her, hung up and popped some pills.

I tormented that poor woman for nothing because I didn’t even make my appointment because our Saturday morning activities ran over.  As I am posting this I am still without contacts and still with a headache.  Guess who will be at the eye doctor first thing Monday morning…ain’t nothing keeping me from this appointment!

Rule of Life #200 When it comes to your health, don’t be an idiot and push it to the back burner because it will come back to bite you in the a^$!