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Just so you know, this is on my bucket list

15 May

After writing a blog post encouraging women to try a vagina facial, everyone from friends to the hubs had been asking me what a vagina facial (aka a vajacial) was.  I know, I know, as if women don’t have enough to worry about, having perfect vagina should definitely be at the top of our priority list, right.  What would be the world be with a bunch of hairy, bumpy, unkempt nana’s?!?! Well, if you must know here’s how thefrisky.com describes the procedure:

A vagina facial — or a “vagacial,” as it’s called — is a post-waxing treatment at the Script Wax Bar in San Francisco available to women one week after they’ve gotten a Brazilian. …. for $60, the spa’s estheticians will cleanse your vulva with anti-bacterial body wash and witch hazel (witch hazel?), exfoliate, pluck out ingrown hairs, apply “an anti-freckle, anti-acne, or calming mask,” and then a lightening cream.

In a weird way, I want to try it…  Not because I think my lady flower is gross and unsightly, but because I’m into odd things like this.  It’s just one of those things that would create the perfect conversation with my friends.  I can see it now, at our next divas day out, I would blurt: “Hey girls, how was your weekend? Great, just wanted to let you know I gave my cooter a facial this weekend!!”

Listen, I almost made a vag smoothie after being intrigued by Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Phedra and Kandi talk about putting powdered sugar in their vagina’s to make it taste sweet.  If it wasn’t for fear of contracting a yeast infection from hell, I would have been in the kitchen concocting all sorts of sweet vaginal treats.  But don’t get me wrong…I’m proud of lady parts, the hubs doesn’t seem to have any complaints (but even if he did I don’t think I would care), it just seem like something interesting to try.

Tell me your thoughts…would you indulge in a vajacial?