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Santa Baby…

14 Dec

Dear Santa,

I don’t want an expensive gadget or a shiny new lexus with a red bow on top, just call up Sallie Mae and take care of that principal balance for me.

Thank you kindly,



This song is one of my all time favorites and has become a novelty smash during the Christmas season.  The shade Queen Eartha gives Madonna in this video is to die for…  Ironically, Ms Kitt died on Christmas day in 2008.  Rest in Paradise, Queen.  

I gave my kids a terrible present

13 Dec

Why do I always miss an opportunity to play mind tricks on my kids only to exploit their emotions on the world wide web?!?!  In the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘piss your kids off so we can laugh at your shitty parenting skills’, parents were told to give their kids an early Christmas present, but it had to be a terrible gift.  I got a few chuckles, but the last little boy was clearly perturbed….well here you just watch: