I know I’m late but…

28 Jan

… don’t hold it against me….I’ve been busy tweeting working and haven’t done a great job keeping with the latest and greatest in American pop culture….and apparantly Keenan Cahill is what’s hot.  When my husband said “I can’t belive you haven’t seen a Keenen Cahil video”, my reply was “I’m not a fan of the newest SNL cast, so I have no rush to watch him”, to which he replied “no dork not Kenan Thompson this kid” :

What cracks me up is the clutter in the background…you can tell he’s a 15-year-old boy, or so he says. I believe he’s probably older, maybe he has one of those conditions where grown men have the outward appearance of an adolescent boy.  Kinda like Andy Milonakis who we all thought was this stupidily funny kid whose parents clearly failed at properly raising….Until we found out he was born in 1976.

Here’s another funny video from the youtube phenom:


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