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I know I’m late but…

28 Jan

… don’t hold it against me….I’ve been busy tweeting working and haven’t done a great job keeping with the latest and greatest in American pop culture….and apparantly Keenan Cahill is what’s hot.  When my husband said “I can’t belive you haven’t seen a Keenen Cahil video”, my reply was “I’m not a fan of the newest SNL cast, so I have no rush to watch him”, to which he replied “no dork not Kenan Thompson this kid” :

What cracks me up is the clutter in the background…you can tell he’s a 15-year-old boy, or so he says. I believe he’s probably older, maybe he has one of those conditions where grown men have the outward appearance of an adolescent boy.  Kinda like Andy Milonakis who we all thought was this stupidily funny kid whose parents clearly failed at properly raising….Until we found out he was born in 1976.

Here’s another funny video from the youtube phenom:

Yep, He’s All Mine…

21 Jan

Yep…he’s all mine and I love it!

Let me know what you think……

Sexy Sexy!

17 Jan

I’m thinking about doing a couple’s boudoir photo shoot with my hubs by my fellow bloggers and talented photogs over at Taking Snapshots.  I think positive, sexy, quirky and out-of-the box images of me would be fun!!! I don’t want to negate the hard work I put into this union by some really good shots of my tits and ass,  so I’ve been hesitant to participant…..but at the end of the day I say: eff it…I look hot and he looks hot let’s do the damn thing…………………..more pic to come!

I’m going to be planing a sexy photo shoot party for the sexy and uninhibited ladies I know….let me know if you want to be apart of the party! Email or facebook me:)

Wrap Beef

7 Jan

There are some things that women do that’s necessary for them to stay fab and beautiful.  It may not look appealing and it may seem ridiculous, but men need to know that it’s necessary for these things to be done.  Case in point…I spend $30-$40 every two weeks to get my hair done.  To preserve my luscious locks and to make my hair style last, I wear a satin scarf or bonnet on my head.  I wear it on my “narci” days, when I’m cleaning and when I give my kids a bath (you don’t know the level of pissed one can be when her kids splash bath water on her mane).   I take a lot of pride in my hair.  This is nothing new, I’ve done it for years.  However just recently it was brought to my attention that my hair wraps are sort of a buzz kill in the bedroom.  As I was getting ready for bed one night I attempted to spark a pretty random convo that was the perfect setup for the hubs to get him some that night.  I just knew he was gonna make me feel special…um yea right:

Me (while getting ready for bed): What do you love about me?

Him: Your dedication to that thing on your head.

(baffled because I was waiting for him to talk about my flawless beauty or the way my legs look in my Jessica Simpson pumps–yes this convo was initiated from a very narcissistic place)

Me: Wait–What?  You mean my scarf?

Him: Yep.

Me: What don’t you like about my scarf, I’ve always worn it to bed.

Him: Yep. That’s the problem.

You see, although I take pride in my appearance, my nighttime habits were affecting my relationship.  My husband had beef with my head-wraps.  Men are apparently visual creatures.  The sight of us looking like Aunt Jemima just isn’t attractive or romantic to them.  And while some of us have strict bedroom rules when it comes to our manes (i.e., don’t pull too hard and nothing in the hair *wink wink*) sometimes we need to be snapped back to reality and reminded that not only should we look fly for ourselves, but also for our man.  While I can’t promise to never wear it to bed (who wants their hair to look frizzy and raggedy the next day?) I can compromise by holding off from putting it on…for a few minutes.

I am officially a Josh Groban fan

5 Jan

Just genius: