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Friends–how many of us have them?

4 Nov

One of my besties doing my makeup on my wedding day

I have started a new chapter in my life.  I recently launched my new eMagazine (YAY ME!!).  I got my twinsie’s potty trained (YAY one step closer to school).  And sweetness and I have started writing her book (Junie Beatrice Jones has nothing on my first grader).

For the past three years I have dedicated my life and soul to my kids.  A very drastic change for me.  I was always a free-spirit.  The life of the party.  The social butterfly.  The “it” girl.  But when I got married, had the twins and moved into a house, I thought the “right” thing for me to do was to take care of my family in a domestic sort of way.  Problem is, domestic just isn’t me.  I can only make meatloaf; I wash-dry-but don’t fold laundry and I don’t make my bed everyday.

While I love being home with my kids, how appropriate is it that I read Cosmo’s “5 bedroom tricks that will make his toes curl” while my kids are in the bath tub??  To add insult to injury I knew I had to do something when sweetness asked if I needed some more mommy juice (wine)–I may not have high standards, but a 6-year-old bartender is where I draw the line…she should at least be 10.

So I branched out.  Connected with a circle of friends.  All sassy and unique in their own ways, but all offering me with what I so desperately needed in my life.  Intellectual stimulation with some divalicious girlie-girl sprinkled on top.  As I sit back and think of all the phenomenal women in my life I know they were all sent to me for a reason.

I have married friends and all we do is talk about our single friends (just kidding!!).  I have single friends and they keep me young, fun and hip.  I have academic friends who keep that JD and Ph.D dream in the forefront of my mind.  I have SAHM friends who know me as the meatloaf diva.  She also knows all the Nick Jr. theme songs and whenever she’s feeling gloomy you just tell her “everybody makes mistake, everybody has bad days” and it actually cheers her up.

Though I may not speak with all of these ladies regularly (we need to do better ladies!!), they each have a special place in my heart.  It’s the text that says ‘hey just thinking about you’ , or the FB message that simply says ‘Aonya Monique’ , or the IM that says “martini’s. tonight. 8 sharp!”, I’m just so happy to have them in my life!

So to Ashley, Tamara, Angela, Kenya, LaShona, Heidi, Maya, Felicia, Brittany, Whitney, Christa, Janel, Tina, Moniqueka–So grateful to have you all in my life! We’ve laughed, cried and some of us have gotten belligerently drunk together…and at the end of the day I cherish you! My sistah friends!

Please Allow Me to Introduce You To

1 Nov

Let me start off by saying, I am a journalist at heart.

From a young age, I would keep a journal and diary and write everything down.  So when I started Bitchin’ (yes mom I know you hate the name), it was like my online journal of the chaos and mayhem that I call life.  What I didn’t realize was that people would actually enjoy it and become followers of the blog.  Each time my site gets a hit or someone reads a blog entry I get all giddy and giggly inside.  Even when I don’t post for a few days or weeks, you’re still coming back to check on me.  And that makes me feel super excited.

While I have a 9-to-5 –or rather a 6-to-6 in my case – I knew there was something more I wanted to offer with my journalism talents.  I have been working on a site that offers a more in-depth look into the lives of women like you and me.  With its local feel and global appeal, we cover issues that affect women of color.  Her name is Notorious S.H.E and she’s all about Sophisticate Highly intelligent Extraordinary women. was created to uplift, inspire and empower.  We are ushering in a new generation of socially conscious, politically savvy and culturally advanced phenomenal women.  You don’t have to be an alumnus of a HBCU; you don’t even have to have a college degree to feel connected to the site.  We celebrate your individuality and your creativity.  We want to empower you to be invested and engaged in your community.  We want you to be aware of what’s really going on.

S.H.E will bring you fresh new features each week.  In our inaugural issue, we profile’s Ponka-We Victors, a Native American political candidate running for the 103rd district of the Kansas House of Representatives.  If elected Victors will be the first Native American woman to serve from this district.

Speaking of politics, Tuesday, November 2 – tomorrow – is Election Day! Some important decisions will need to be made.  Though they lack the fanfare and popularity of 2008, these mid-term elections are still equally as important – because they could totally change the voting powers of congress. Therefore, you must get out and vote. Click here , put in your address to find your polling location.

For next week, we’re working on a story about Black women and their mental health – a taboo topic but a very important issue to be discussed. We’ll also touch on Black women and their faith in God, the Black church and the Black man. It’s time we take a critical look at the inordinate amount of faith Black women posses.

And a must-see this weekend, Tyler Perry’s portrayal of Ntozake Shange’s book of poetry, For Colored Girls. Like the book and Broadway play, the movie relates how certain situations and circumstances shape the identity of the Black female. I’m going to see it with my girlfriends!

It’s all about support.  Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend “S.H.E is far from timid, S.H.E makes moves when her heart’s in it, S.H.E lives the phrase sky’s the limit.”

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